Connections Are Key To Better Consumption

Seeking to revitalize the connection between consumers, products, and the people behind them, Germán Briones set out to create a community where local artisans are at the center of retail space. Evoking a sense of connection and human presence in each product, and placing an artisan’s story at the center has allowed Rupestre to influence a social consciousness in its consumers.

With a mission to diminish as much inequality in Chile as possible, Rupestre employs those from all walks of life to generate social inclusion and job opportunities for those that may face discrimination in other industries. Along with tackling social inequality, Rupestre is passionate about environmental sustainability and ensures all of their products are handmade and has a fully traceable supply chain for their products. We had the opportunity to connect with Briones about the importance of empowering artisans, an environmental impact, and expansion of their brand.

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