THE ART OF SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Since a child, Franco has been making by his own everything he need. As we his needs increase, he has been adapting and learning new techniques.

“The day I needed a pair of shoes or a belt, I had to made it”, Franco tells us. He had as masters some artisans from “El Pueblito Los Dominicos”, whom had taught him the basis of what he does today. “Here (in “El Pueblito Los Dominicos”) I have made really good friends, whom I had a strong relationnship”. Since then, he had been creating his own designs which he expose and sell in the same place.

Franco was born in Santiago and moved to Sao Paulo, Brasil with his family where he lived for 12 years. His father used to be a boxer and also dedicated to make clothes, so Franco has grown very connected with this two passions. He always looked at his father with great admiration while he create new designs. “What I was attracted me the most was the self-suffiency in the family. We didn´t need to buy anything, we just created things”.

Franco is also a percussionist, and when he was 15 years old he start creating his own instruments.

Franco believes that every human being has an artistic side, but some people don´t explore it because they are busy in other things”. Nowadays people is limiting themselves, but everyone has to understand that there is no limits”, says Franco who thinks that people in the cities has wrong priorities. He feels happy and free living from his two passions: handicrafts and music.

Francos´s products: