FAMILY TASTE: This entrepeneurship was born in honor to his mother. That is why the olives are treated with love care as a family member, which is reflected in the quality and pureness of the oil.

Some years ago the Catholic University of Chile offered to some agricultors across Chile about an acre of for each one. Ariel´s father was one of them and he had the opportunity of starting his dream: an olive oil in honor of his wife Eulalia, name that has nowadays has the oil which is managed by Ariel: “Everything is made by us. Its a delicious and organic, with a fresh olive aroma and taste”.

The family lives in Catapilco, a village surrounded by nature and is a few minutes driving from the beach. “We like this quiet place, we know the whole neighbourhood”. Because of the good air quality, the weather and the dedication that Ariel and his father put in the business, they have created a tasty and unique olive oil. Ariel´s mother, Eulalia, used to help in the oil process until she suffered an accident that disabled her to continue. “At the beginning she didn´t want oil name to be her. Anyway, we named it Eulalia to demonstrate how important is her for us”, Ariel tells us very proud of his mother.

“We don´t use pesticides, the process is completely organic”, something that you can feel when you taste it. There is no doubt that the best things are made with love, enthusiasm and perseverance . something that is present in Eulalia´s family. We invite you to taste the Rupestre olive oil, so you can understand what we are talking about.

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