Don Lolo

FAMILY AND TRADITION: He works with his family. His tradition and expertise are reflected in his work, especially in the perfection and delicacy he treats the materials. 

Lolo is an example of a family man. He has lived in his house for 53 year sharing it with 10 relatives. “We all help each other, especially now that a new granddaughter was born!”

The whole family has grown up very close to Lolo´s workplace, so he has built a family Startup. His two sons help him as much as possible, even they have other jobs. César works with computers, but he helps his father during the nights. “There is a lot of work to be done. That is why I come here almost every night”. His wife also helps him, perfecting the last details of the shoes.

Since he became part of the Rupestre family, he built a second floor in the workplace and finally he could buy a pickup truck. Lolo feels happy with his achievements and appreciates a lot that he can spend great part of his time with family and friends. “Every Thursday we meet up to play some cards, we really enjoy those meetings”.

There is so much kindness and simplicity in Lolo, values that has inspired to Rupestre team and every day we try hard to transmit them.

Lolo´s products: