Juan Carlos

The Changos, his ancesters, are his inspiration. This artisan seeks to transmit different cultures that have passed through Chile to his family and new generations. 

He was born in Calama and is descendant from the Changos, but we name himself “indian of all tribes”. His handcrafts, made mainly with wood and stones, are inspired in the different tribes that have settled across northern Chile, as The Atacameños, The Chango, The Diaguitas and others. His wooden works are made from raulí, coihue, laurel and other type of wood which due to their scarcity in the zone, he was to upcycled them from disused structures. Also we is the one that makes his own tool for creating his arts.

Along the years he has incorporate his family to the business. Nowadays we works with his wife and son, and they pretend to keep this artisan tradition alive through the years.

Hugo´s products: