NEW HORIZONS: As soon as she knew about the craft beer world, she decided to change her life and start her own business.

This Beer Master worked her whole life as an administative assistant, nevertheless, during a trip across different beer countries, she discovered the exciting world of craft beers. That´s the origing of her microbrewery, which she have had for seven years.

Decided to change her course in life and initiate a new challenge as a woman, she took a craft beer course for made her own beers at home, which let her took the decisión to start a business and foundate the brewery.

With her team, she had managed to position their product as a high quality beer, which have lead them to sell in different stores, restaurants and bars across the country.

The company has won different prizes and is visited every day by tourists who love craft beer, whom wants to know about the work of Loreto.

Loreto has revolutionized the industry, demonstrating that women not only drink beer, they also prepare them.

Loreto´s products