María Paulina

FREEDOM AND CREATIVITY: Being an artist´s son has give him the need to always being creating new things which any available material. “Self-suffiency is the most important thing of the human being, its an insuperable feeling of freedom”. 

Born in the sorcerer´s town near Talagante but then moved to Maipú with his family, where we spent his childhood. His father was an artist, so the art love runs through his veins. “My dad was a painter and sculptor. When he died, all his works where distributed in the family”, tells a nostalgic Gustavo.

He studied Industrial Technology, however, the crisis during the 82´changed the things and the circuntances were harder. “Their were though times, with the militar government and the crisis, so I was forced to evolve. It was then when my story as an artisan started”. He has used the knowledges learned at college to star his own handcrafts. First, he start making collars and then he took a risk and start making shirts and pants, dyeing the textils. “With a group of mates we start dyeing the textils with different colors and we made different models and then went to Santiago for selling them”. That is how started his life of creations and journeys, that has offered Gustavo, as he says, “soul freedom, financial sustainability and the opportunity to know my country”. He is an example of how with creativity, innvation and courage you can start a big thing. Nowadays he offers many products, including all type of shoes.

Time ago, he bought his own house in Pomaire, where he lived with his 4 kids. He lives a happy life and says that he has everything what he needs: his home, a workshop, a job, family and friends. The artisan village has brought him prosperity. He says that “is the promise land, weekend is like Christmass here!”

Gustavo´s products: