Don Miguel

TRADITION AND EDUCATION: At the age of 17, his father taught him the art of work with fur, something that he has improved and keep alive.

Miguel started working when he was 12, doing a variety of jobs: in a kiosk, as an assistant in a company and later in a furniture workshop, in mechanical garage and also as an assistant of a truck driver. Finally, when he was 17, he joined his father, whom taught him the art of work with fur. “You can´t start working on this without a full preparation. Here you start from the basis, which is staking”. His father transmitted him this great passion and since then he has never stopped. He has passed good and bad times, and in spite of the bad times he never thought of changing his job: ”I never think about quitting, even I had really bad years and I almost lost my whole equity”.

Once, he managed a 20 people workshop but he prefers working alone, “nobody had de determination and creativity that I have while I am at work. Now I work at home and my family helps me”. His daughters has grown up between leather and fur, “we used to have 400 or 500 skin leathers, my little daughter loved to lay down on them and my granddaughter used to do the same!”. Nowadays his granddaughter is his right hand, and as she tells us, helping his granddad makes her happy: “I always offer myself helping with the e-mail replies” She also helps with the easiest part of the creation process, as her mother.

Miguel product´s: