Our philosophy and dream

Our philosophy

Rupestre was born from an initiative to create a connection between products and people. We are well aware of the problems our world has and we believe we must take care and protect it. That is why we are guided by our principle of respectful, both for people and for nature, demonstrating transparency and humanity. For this reason, we have built an artisan community, whom with dedication and love make our products. They present us unique high quality handicraft designs, a reflection of their wisdom and ancestors. We follow an artisan tradition thru our natural and sustainable raw materials: leather, wool, wood and seeds. The result is a variety of products which reflect our values and which we present to our clients with pride.

Our dream

Estimulate a pure, sustainable and creative way of life, so together we can build a better world. We are a family of dreamers who believe in the power of collaboration to create social changes. We think that gradually, we will impact and change the world rhythm. As we were dissatisfied with the global ecosystem and willing to adopt a new way of life in tune with nature, we create Rupestre, a 100% natural brand.

Raw materials

Rupestre follows an artisan tradition thru our natural and sustainable raw materials. Discover our sheep wool socks, leather shoes, sheep skins, leather slippers, leather belts, native wood cutting boards and much more.