Now preparing a barbecue will be an experience! Wear this 
smooth or reindeer leather chest so as not to stain your clothes, 
protect yourself from the fire and surprise your guests. 
It is made by our craftsmen. It has a side pocket for a 
knife or tweezers and you can adjust it to your height thanks to the buckle. 
This product is made 100% handmade, by Don Lolo, with reindeer leather (suede) or smooth leather.

If you want to personalize your product or record more than one bib, 
contact us at or call us at:

(56) 9 53631810 - (56) 2 27612474.

* Color tone and thickness may vary, as it is a product of natural origin.


Standard: 64 x 48 cm.

XL: 71 x 48 cm.

$36.000 CLP