MAPUCHE´S CULTURE AND PASSION: Passionate about cooking and handcrafts, he and his family transmit the Mapuche culture through their products.

Raúl has two big passions: cooking and crafts. He studied International Culinary in Temuco, nevertheless he uses this talent and expertice during his spare time, cooking with his family of friends. His profession is work with native wood creating wooden chopping boards, clocks, and mirrors. “ I work with rustic wood. Someday I´ll build my own house”. Raúl is a dreamer, how is has to be, having not only short terms goals also having a vission about his future.

His couple Lindsey Millalen (which in mapudungun means Gold Brightness), whom helped him to established himself in the handcraft world, works with wool making every type of accesories, scarfs and sweaters. Both artisans, seek to transmit this art to their three children.

Everything started with the FONDART Chile gubernamental funding project, which finance cultural projects. After winning this fund, Raúl finally started with his project. “I always wanted to work with wood, but I haven´t enough resources for starting my own business”. Thank to this project, Raúl became the first artisan from Pucón specialized in wooden chopping boards.

The process starts in a hill situated southern Pucón, where they obtain the wood from a sustainable managed forest. After that, he bring the wood to their workshop, where they sand, polish and cut the wood for creating the new products. “The tables are all designed with Mapuche figures”. He made chopping boards from 30 cm length to 110 cm length, so they can have many uses.

His biggest dream is combine his two passions, creating a workshop-restaurant. An artistic place, built completely by his own, where he can serve his dishes and sell his handcrafts.

Raúl products: