Rupestre: the sense of buying local

Rupestre: the sense of buying local
More and more people are becoming aware of the way in which our lifestyle can affect or benefit our environment. Taking into account this trend of preferring more ecological and sustainable products and services, Rupestre emerges a company that works alongside Chilean artisans. Learn more about what they do here!

The act of buying has changed, ceasing to be a fortuitous and unconscious situation. Today, more informed and responsible citizens seek to know the origins of the products they acquire, contributing to the sustainability of the environment and activating local economies. Rupestre is born under this premise, an online platform that offers a great variety of first-class artisan products.

Rupestre is a certified B company, which is developed with one objective: to create a meaningful brand that contributes to society. Its products are created by Chilean artisans that nourish every piece of nature with its history and roots. In this way, by acquiring the article we not only take the physical work, but the imprint of each of the people behind the process that gave it life.

Rupestre's work demonstrates awareness of the world we live in. It is based on the belief that caring for and protecting our planet is a duty of those who inhabit it, and that respect for nature must be the same towards our peers, thus projecting transparency and humanity.

For this reason, they have been in charge of creating a community of artisans, who with dedication and love make their products. They present unique designs, handmade and of high quality through the wisdom and devotion of the past, following a traditional tradition through natural and sustainable raw materials: leather, wool, wood and seeds, among others . Products range from kitchenware and home decor, to accessories and clothing, and even food.

The access that artisans have to open to the national market is very limited, which is why Rupestre offers Training, Advice and Marketing, preparing them to be part of a sustainable and conscious trade. They are currently working with a network of 70 artisans throughout the country, who are given support to develop their trade and get their work to consumers.

The project seeks to offer the best quality products to the market, always being an agent of sustainable change, generating jobs and promoting the principles of Fair Trade. This is an alternative form of trade promoted by the UN and several non-governmental organizations, in order to establish a voluntary and fair commercial relationship between producers and consumers. Giving opportunities to disadvantaged producers, being responsible and transparent, developing capacities, respecting the environment, offering good working conditions and equitable payment are the basis of this form of transaction.