CREATIVITY AND ECOLOGY: She learned by observing, same as her daugther is doing now. With upcycles leather and other materials, she creates Apache handbags.

When she was kid, her father told her that the best way to learn something is by observing, so that is how she learned to make jewelry and bags. At the age of 15, she started helping a friend of her making shoes and as exchange, he gave her the leathers that were left over. With this upcycled leathers, were born the first handmade bags of Tamara.

Tamara has continued using this upcycling philosophy, using leather to create cushions, rugs, and bed covers. “I try not to waste any material, so when I don´t find more uses for the materials I donate them to the Talagante prison”, where the prisoners make key chains and coin purses.

She works with her couple in Pomaire. There, she exhibit her bags and jewelry. She has increased her product offer, with new bags and cushions models.

Tamara has a 5 years old daughther, named Esmeralda, whom is showing great interest for the handcrafts. Tamara tries to transmit Esmeralda the learning philosophy taught by her father, something thar is quite easy since Esmeralda loves to stay during the evenings observing how her mother creates new products. Their is a creative atmosphere inside home, which Tamara hopes will stimulate her daughter Esmeralda.

Tamara is a great example for Rupestre, with her artistic and ecologyc lifestyle, two importants pillars for us.

Tamara´s products: